Kids tables

Kids’ tables are an important component of a nursery’s interior, providing surfaces for eating, drawing, socialising, and spontaneous types of play that children often initiate. As always, designers are eager to translate their vision into material form, resulting in a diverse selection of products.

For instance, Dorotheé Hackethal’s ‘Multi-Table’ for Living Jewels is a small kids’ table with an elegant tubular steel base, emulating the famous designs that originated from the seminal Bauhaus school. Going even further back in time, TON’s ‘Petit table’ is a small round table with a convex base made from four, bentwood rods, inspired by famous, 19th century café chairs.

Another Country’s ‘Kids table One’ is a more straightforward, robust circular table with four wooden legs, a design which is beautiful in its formal and constructional simplicity. Slightly more playful, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s ‘Agatha’ kids’ table for Amat-3 mounts a colourful, irregularly shaped tabletop on four tubular metal legs. Marcel Wanders’s ‘Flare Little’ for Magis is sturdy, plastic kids’ table with hollow, cylindrical, transparent, plastic legs that can be inlaid with children’s drawing, to create unique and variable ornamentation.

Kuopion Woodi’s ‘Desk PT220L’ is a small, child-sized desk, complete with a set of colourful drawers underneath the desktop. Monica Försetr’s ‘Wonder Box’ kids’ table for Richard Lampert is also a desk, although it comes in conjunction with a nesting bench. Jörge de Breuyn’s ‘Convertible Chair Table DBF 813.W’ is a multifunctional, angular design, whose function is entirely dependent on the way it is rotated and set down.

Finally, some kids’ tables come with specially designed, nesting benches, such as Thomas Maintz’s ‘OSKARatWORK’ for perludi, a felt covered affair with a small storage shelf underneath the desktop. Emiliana Design’s ‘Ottawa’ for Planning Sisplamo is a complete seating ensemble, in which a kids’ table is set underneath a steel canopy that connects two, plywood-shell benches, creating a small, introverted enclave for children.

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