Kids tables

Kids’ tables show a range of creative solutions, all of which address the requirements of a growing child, facilitating both play and learning. The current range is broad enough to suit both the childrens’ and parents’ needs.

If what is needed is a small, simple table that would match the rest of the furniture in the house, TON’s ‘Bimbi Table’ or ‘Petit Table’ can be a worthy counterpart to Michael Thonet’s classic bentwood designs, while fans of the Bauhaus style can equip their children’s room with the tubular-steel ‘S 143 K’ table by Thonet.

For a solution that will last slightly longer, one might turn to Egon Eiermann’s ‘Eiermann children’s desk’, which features a height-adjustable top. The sturdy, practical ‘debe.destyle Ziggy Desk’, designed by Mathias Demmer for De Breuyn, also grows with its user, but its tabletop can be tilted and includes a small drawer for colouring books or notebooks underneath. Martin Pabis’s ‘Caspar’ for perludi performs the same tasks in a slightly more pared-down form.

Another height-adjustable solution is Victor Vasilev’s ‘Mamba shelf/desk’ for MDF Italia, a wall-mounted ribbon with smooth edges, making it suitable for children, which can be attached progressively higher over time. Another ingenious solution is Thomas Maitz’s plywood ‘MAXintheBOX’, again manufactured by perludi, a three-dimensional wooden puzzle, whose single unit can either be used as two children’s chairs with varying seat heights, a chair and a small table, or as a side/night table when the child grows up.

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