Kids storage

Whether at home or in a nursery, childcare requires a lot of storage space: for toys, clean clothes, diapers and other supplies. The kids’ storage category is therefore quite diverse in order to satisfy the vastly different functional expectations.

Some solutions, such as Peter J. Lassen’s ‘Montana Children room’ by Montana Møbler consist of large and neutral open compartments, which can be freely stacked onto one another, and whose contents become part of the nursery’s decorations. Kuopion Woodi’s birchwood ‘Otto modular cabinet OT63AAA’ is also a large, open, modular kids’ storage, but it is mounted on castors for increased mobility.

Coat stands are also an important part of kids’ storage, represented by Michael Schwebius’s ‘STICKS MINI Coat stands’ for schönbuch, a playful amalgamation of six, seemingly haphazardly pitched wooden rods, and Oiva Toikka’s ‘Paradise Tree’ for Magis, a multi-coloured, polyethylene coat stand with whimsically shaped hooks.

More conventional storage solutions, such as De Breyun-manufactured ‘Caravan Dresser’, designed by Kalon Studios, a large chest of drawers, made out of wood with a bright colour accent; or Terry Dwan’s ‘Bloomington’ kids’ storage, a large, serious, classically proportioned, wooden cupboard with leather handles, are both excellent choices as well.

Ineke Hans’s ‘My Storage’ for Magis is a modular solution, composed of drawers and shelves set within a wooden framework; flexible and responsive to any and all requirements. Another Magis Product, ‘My First Office’ designed by Martí Guixe, is an open, freestanding shelf, that wraps itself around a play area. Not only can it store books and toys, but it can also become a part of children’s play as well.

Finally, Jörg de Breuyn’s ‘Changing Table Unit 3’ kids’ storage is a large changing table, though it can easily be used as a wide, generously proportioned sideboard as well.

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