Kids' stools

Kids’ stools not only add to the diversity of nursery furnishings, they often turn out to be be multi-functional products and can even double as play furniture.

For example, performa’s plastic ‘hock!’ kids’ stool is a rectangular prism, whose facets are painted in different colours. It can be rotated and repositioned, which changes its height, but also used as building blocks for a play fort. ‘stool’, also by performa, and Thomas Maitz’s ‘MAXintheBOX’ for perludi, are both a set of two kids’ stools that can slide into each other, creating a compact, versatile seating solution, though they can also function as side tables.

IN-TENTA’s ‘Toronto’ kids’ stool for Planning Sisplamo consists of cork and foam discs stacked on top of each other. The children and their caretakers can assemble and adjust its dimensions by simply adding or subtracting components. Pedro Useche’s ‘Cinta banquino’ is a friendly, robust, rounded seat constructed from moulded plywood.

Alvar Aalto’s 1933 classic, ‘Children’s stool NE60’, to this day manufactured by Artek, combines the durability of a round, linoleum-covered seat and elegant, bent, birch laminate legs. ‘Kids Stool One’ by Another Country is an incredibly straightforward design with a circular seat and three solid, wooden legs, available in a palette of bright colours.

Finally, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada brings whimsy to her range of kids’ stools manufactured by Amat-3. In ‘Agatha’, the seat, supported by 4 tubular steel legs is either shaped like a flower, a heart, or a cloud.

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