A dog is a man’s best friend and gardens offer a great place for dogs to run around and play. In many cases, it is desirable for a dog to have its own place it can retreat to an rest whilst outside. This is where kennels, also known as dog houses, come in.

There is no shortage of high-end kennels, and they can be divided into roughly two categories. Some designers and manufacturers choose to emulate the archetypal dog-house form, such as Alain Monnens’s ‘dog-house’ for Colect, a clean-cut, white-lacquered aluminium kennel. Filippo Pisan’s ‘Dog House n°1’ for De Castelli is a more asymmetric design that combine a sturdy, high quality wooden front and a folded, wrap-around, corten-steel roof.

Other kennels defy the users’ (and dogs’) expectations. Danilo Premoli’s ‘Dog-E’, also for De Castelli, is a large stainless steel flower pot with a planter at the top and a kennel, complete with an arched, cut-out entrance at its base. Another playful design is Javier Mariscal’s ‘Nido’ for Magis, a rotational-moulded, polyethylene, cartoon slug, which is left completely hollow and makes a perfect kennel or a piece of play-furniture. ‘Magis dog house’, again by Magis but designed by Michael Young, is another brightly-coloured plastic kennel, a hollow barrel-vault raised up on slender stainless steel underframe, complete with a step ladder.

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