Information terminals

Information terminals can be practical orientation point for visitors in any busy reception area and can, among other, be be found in large office and libraries.

Börge Lindau’s ‘Modules’ for Lustrum is an archetypal information terminal: a standing desk with a closed compartment for a central processing unit (CPU) underneath, while the monitor, mouse and keyboard all rest on the desktop.

However, the miniaturisation of technology makes it possible to design and manufacture increasingly more compact information terminals. Designer Ralf Küchel and manufacturer ELEMENT ONE have collaborated on a wide series of products, such as the sleek, freestanding ‘Glass Covered’, an information terminal where a printed sheet of glass slides into a thin stand to reveal a touch-screen; or ‘Versis’, a compact compartment that can be built into existing furniture, and which provides enough space for a screen and a keyboard.

Lastly, Klaas Arnouts designs ‘Eve’ for Basalte, a collection of elegant, clean frames which envelop the popular and versatile iPad and transform it into a wall-mounted touch-screen information terminal wherever it is needed.

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