Infant's beds

Infants’ beds, or children’s beds, is a catch-all term for any bed or a set of beds designed specifically for children. Therefore, this category has a rather broad scope and helps with further orientation in different types of children’s beds, such as cots and cribs, bunk beds, sofa beds and elevated beds.

The first infants’ bed one is likely to purchase is a cot. Luckily, there is plenty of choice. ‘Bloomington’ infants’ bed, designed by Terry Dwan for Riva 1920, referencing traditional archetypes and crafted from solid wood, can be easily converted into a small sofa after the child grows out of it. Blueroom’s ‘family affair Baby- and Breastfeedingbed Koseling’ and MORGEN’s ‘Owl’ are more understated, contemporary designs from plywood and allow for the same alteration.

Then there are classic, single bed, like Flötotto’s simple, unadorned ‘Profilsystem’ children’s bed, designed in line with the expansive ‘Profilsystem’ range of furniture that also includes sideboards, cupboards, desks, shelves, trolleys and more. Mathias Bremmer’s and Jörg de Breuyn’s ‘Tree house bed’ is a playful design, which, apart from offering storage space for duvets and pillows, constructs a small wooden shed above the bed, transforming the child’s bedroom into a veritable playground.

Since children’s rooms are used for sleeping, working, relaxing and playing, rational use of space becomes paramount. For this purpose, Dora Monti’s ‘Fata’ or Giuseppe Viganò’s ‘Candy’, both plush children’s beds manufactured by Bonaldo, can be used as a sofa or a recliner during the day, thanks to their upholstered headboards and backrests.

Another way to save space is to use a bunk bed, such as Blueroom’s sober ‘family affair bunkbed dreambox’. Minimöbl’s ‘Elevated bed’ raises the sleeping surface above two shelves, creating not only useful storage space, but also a more private play/work area underneath. LAGRAMA’ places another independent bed underneath their elevated ‘Composition 35’ children’s bed And finally, stacking infants’ beds, such as the classic, plywood ‘Stacking bed’, designed in 1966 by Rolf Heide and manufactured by Müller Möbelwerkstätten, is perfectly suited to save space, but also to accommodate friends during sleepovers.

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