Infant's armchairs / sofas

The selection of high-end kids’ armchairs and sofas is modest, but still displays diversity and offers ample options for the design-conscious consumer.

It is perhaps fitting that the children-sized design classics in this product group are represented by the bold organic shapes of the cheerful and colourful ‘Orange Slice Junior’ and ‘Mushroom Junior’, designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort in 1960. A more restrained design, the sober ‘Daybed’, designed by Dorothée Hackethal and André Wilps and manufactured by Living Jewels, emulates the modernist designs of the 1920s.

A popular leitmotif for infant’s armchairs is the rocking chair. Monte Design’s ‘Joya Rocker’ is a pared-down version of the classical rocking armchair, while the Format-designed ‘Grand Prix rocking chair’ is a bold, sculptural object, upholstered in cheerful fabric. The latter design is also modular, so it can be extended into a sofa through addition of further modules. Even though both designs are actually adult-sized, they are low, and safe enough to be used to children as well.

Another pair of rocking chairs, Eero Aarnio’s Magis-manufactured ‘Trioli’ and Jonas Jurgaitis’s ‘Ops junior’, manufactured by Sedes Regia, are both designed specifically for children. Additionally, the former design can be turned on its side and offer two different seating heights as an infant’s armchair, while the latter can be decomposed into its constituent elements, consisting of an upholstered arch and pillows, which can be used as play furniture.

‘do_linette Childrens chair’, designed by Gessaga Hindermann for Designheiten, is an upholstered children’s sofa, with rounded, soft edges, whose two constituent halves can also be used independently as kids’ armchairs. Lastly, the wooden frame of ‘Bloomington’ infants’ sofa, designed for Riva 1920 by Terry Dwan, is actually a repurposed cot, the bars from one of its sides removed, now filled with comfortable cushions.

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