Illuminated shelving

Using fluorescent light bulbs, or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), illuminated shelving is an energy efficient way to create compelling displays of one’s cherished possessions, but also to create a soft, ambient atmosphere in any room.

There are two broad categories within this product group. The first type of illuminated shelving consists of more conventional, solid shelves with attached lighting. For example ‘Avantgarde Libreria’, manufactured by Reflex, is an open, glossy black bookcase with back lighting. Thomas Ritt attaches rows of LEDs underneath the shelves his sleek, open ‘Lighting System 6’ illuminated shelving for GERA, bathing the ensemble, as well as the back wall, in an even, soft, coloured light. A variation within this category is manufacturer luce²’s ‘Quadro’, where glass shelves are mounted on an illuminated, modular back panel.

But it is also possible for illuminated shelving to give off light by enclosing light-emitting elements between two translucent plates. Hera-manufactured ‘G S2 - Glass Shelf Luminaire with Switch’, is a simple, wall-mounted illuminated shelf with translucent top and bottom plates, and a polished aluminium edge. Nanda Vigo’s ‘Light-Light’ for Glas Italia is an opaque, white, all-glass, illuminated shelf with internal fluorescent lights. Slide’s ‘Cubo’ is an internally illuminated plastic cube, which can be used as a stool or a side table.

A more conventional shelving solution also manufactured by Slide, the ‘Open Cube’ illuminated shelving, consisting of thick-walled, modular boxes, which can be stacked into the desired configuration, is also available.

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