Hotdesking / temporary workspaces

Hotdesking is a term used to describe the practice of employees sharing the same physical workplace at different times. This system of organisation, enabled by new telecommunication technologies, can lead toward a more efficient use of office space. However, in privacy and break-out areas, these temporary workplaces are slightly more informal and are often geared towards a more casual, spontaneous collaboration.

Naturally, serious temporary workspaces, such as Mario Mazzer’s ‘Work Up Bench’ for Martex, a long table with integrated cable management systems, divided in two by a low privacy screen; or Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s no-nonsense ‘Joyn Single Desk’ for Vitra, also featuring a table divider; are well suited to productive and efficient hotdesking.

Andrea Ruggiero’s rounded ‘Mobi’ for Abstracta, where a desk is mounted on an upholstered, movable, acoustic panel on one side, is suited to function as an individual, temporary workplace, or a space for small, casual meetings. ‘40/70’ by Fantoni uses a similar configuration, thought its form is rigorously angular, the desktop is at counter height, and the panel has an integrated television screen, making it equally suitable for short presentations or discussions over a cup of tea or coffee.

Peter van de Water’s sober ‘Team | 6115’ hotdesking ensemble for Cascando features two desks, as well as an adjacent lounge space with an upholstered sofa and two stools, similar to Till Grosch’s and Björn Meier’s ‘ophelis docks’, a modular ensemble consisting of desks, side tables, sound-absorbing privacy screens and lounge chairs. Both are ideal as relaxing break-out and privacy areas, as well temporary workplaces.

Finally, for informal, individual hotdesking, look to Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s ‘Alcove Highback Work’ for Vitra, a small, comfortable sofa with a high protective backrest and a small integrated tray, which just large enough to accommodate a laptop; or Antonio Morello’s whimsical ‘Pop’ by DVO, a temporary workplace in which a small desk is protected by a bird-shaped privacy screen, and a matching stool that resembles an egg.

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