The reputation and quality of hostels been improving steadily, and they are now popular both among young travellers and the more seasoned, budget-conscious crowd.

Not surprisingly, hostel furnishings, like hostels themselves, are simple, unpretentious, friendly and durable. Finnish manufacturer ‘Kuopion Woodi’, for example, combines understated Scandinavian design with high-quality craftsmanship and extensive use of wood in its products, to provide a variety of suitable designs for hostels, such as the circular ‘Table for adults 0900-T73’ or a classic, rectangular ‘Table for Adults W250’, to name a few to begin with.

Naturally, there are beds; such as the space saving ‘Foldable bed AVK500’, or a more traditional ‘Bed for Adults A572’ single bed; castor-mounted sideboards, such as ‘TV-table TV200’; desks, such as Desk Otto OT220LA’ or Desk 6012-L73S’, which comes with a small, wheel-mounted chest of drawers; and chairs, for instance the all-wood ‘Chair for adults Oiva O152’, which can also be ordered upholstered or with additional armrests.

There are of course other manufacturers whose products are suitable for hostels, such as Billiani’s ‘Aragosta’ a finely crafted and sensuously formed wooden chair, or Casala’s ‘Woody 2208/01’, designed by rg.form, a wooden, understated, upholstered armchair. ‘Horst’, manufactured by lasfera, is a robust, wooden, three-legged stool with a colourful felt layer covering the seat, and can be used in a hostel’s reception area, communal dining facilities, as well as in rooms and dormitories.

Finally, Ahrend’s Bas ‘Ahrend 314’ table, designed by Bas Pruijser, combines a sturdy aluminium base with an engineered wood tabletop, and is a multifunctional, durable, aesthetically-pleasing object, sure to perform just as well in a hostel as in an office, seminar room, meeting room, or a library.

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