Despite their small size, hooks are extremely practical and can serve as an effective decoration in a hallway. The designs in this category range from minimalist and solemn, to bold and playful and everything in between.

On the more serious end of the spectrum, we have Harri Korhonen’s and Maria Kuikka’s ‘315:2’ for Inno, a reduced, archetypal, stainless steel hook, or PHOS Design’s ‘Wandhaken H 12-34 R25S’, a restrained, cylindrical knob. Opinion Ciatti’s ‘Borcia’ hook is a prominent cone that comes in in polished silver and gold, as well as a black finish, adding a touch of restrained luxury to a hallway. Zieta’s ‘Hot pin’ is a slightly wrinkled, polished steel button, balancing between a formal concept and a playful form.

Philippe Starck’s ‘hgo multipurpose hook 026’ is an organically shaped wall-mounted hook that vaguely resembles a blooming flower. A more overt reference to nature is Meike Langer’s and Hiroshi Kawano’s collection of ‘Leaf Hooks’ for EX.T. Here, hooks in the shape of tree leaves, rendered in different shades of pastel-green, can be scattered playfully across a wall. Another whimsical design is A&B’s ‘Bird’ for LADP, where small statuettes of a perching bird double as hooks.

Lladró’s ‘Parrot Hang’ is a statue of a white cockatoo on a light blue perch, where coats may be hung. Tarcisio Colzani also takes inspiration from nature in his ‘Frasca / Lotus’ range for Porada, where hooks in the shape of abstracted leaves and flowers are finished with a mirror surface. Bruno Rainaldi refers to the vernacular with his ‘CSC’ hooks for Opinion Ciatti, which are essentially large, high-quality, nickel plated nails. More delicate, the end of Bryndis Bolladottir’s ‘Kula hooks for Normann Copenhagen are slightly irregular spheres of colourful wool felt.

Ivano Losa’s ‘Tac’ for Ak47 is a collection of reduced, black, pin-shaped hooks that can be freely composed to match the desired capacity, as well as the user’s aesthetic preference. Conversely, Roderic Vos’s ‘Circus’ for van Esch is a single, large, brightly-coloured disc that seemed to peel away from the wall, creating space for newspapers, hats and coats in the process.

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