Hook rails

Hook rails present a practical solution for larger offices or waiting rooms, not only because of their higher storage capacity, but also because multiple hooks can be mounted with greater ease and fewer screws than each hook individually.

Some hook rails, such as ‘Hakenleiste HL S 3 H’, which consists of a stainless steel rod, with cylindrical hat and coat hooks; or Justus Kolberg’s ‘HOOK Wall coat rack’ for Schönbuch, a two-tiered design made from flat metal bars, are more subdued, understated affairs. Ruud Ekstrand’s ‘Stand By Hat Rack’ for Lammhults is a glass hat shelf set within an aluminium construction, and plastic hooks attached to its lower bar.

Another straightforward design is Moormann’s ‘Rechensbeipiel hook rail 6’, which mounts a row of 6 wooden pegs with coloured velvet caps onto a wooden plank; or mox’s ‘TWIN’, a metal, wall-mounted hook rail, where the intermediate panel is offset slightly from the wall, and serves as a newspaper holder and display.

Thomas Harrit’s and Nicolai Sørensen’s ‘KNAX horizontal’ for LoCa is a wooden bar inlaid with folding metal hooks, which stand flush with the surface when they are not being used. Bartoli Design’s ‘Ellipse coathanger bar’ for Segis is an aluminium, ceiling mounted hook rail, ideal for large, open-plan spaces where walls might not be readily available.

As always, on the other side of the spectrum we have the more decorative, formally driven hook rails, such as Matteo Gerbi’s ‘Leaf - Coat Rack’, a vertically mounted, organically carved, bent, steel sheet. Jan Habraken and Alissia Melka-Teichroew also found inspiration in nature for their ‘Tree Hooked’ hook rail for van Esch, an abstract representation of a branch, several of which can be rotated and mounted next to one another to create an organic, custom-made composition.

Finally, Oskar Zieta’s sculptural ‘Kamm 5’ owes its shape and lightness to a unique manufacturing method, where two thin, steel sheets are welded together and inflated under high pressure, making it a hook rail and an industrial work of art at the same time.

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