High desks

High desks are a specialised product group, although they can be used for more generic purposes as well. Usually, they offer a slightly sloped surface at around a person’s standing height, and as such are often used by artists, draughtsmen, lecturers and musicians.

Of course, that need not always be the case. Jasper Morrison’s ‘NesTable’ for Vitra is height-adjustable, and its surface can be tilted or remain completely horizontal. As such, it can be used as either a side table, or as a high desk for working on a laptop. Dieter Haas’s ‘WORK_UP’ for FORMvorRAT is a larger desk, capable of being raised and used as a counter.

Joerg Gaetjens’s birchwood ‘Der kleine Lehner’ for Moormann has two legs, and can lean against a wall, serving as a small high desk, or a side table. A third leg, to allow it to be positioned anywhere in the room, is also available. Werner Max Moser’s ‘Caruelle table mod. 2497’ high desk for Embru-Werke AG offers two surfaces: a small horizontal one, and a larger one with adjustable slope.

In an effort to combine functions, Mathias Frei’s ‘mf-system | Home Office’ for mf-system is in fact large storage cupboard, one of its cabinet doors can be opened and used as a small high desk. Karim Rashid, on the other hand, takes a sculptural approach with his ‘Swish’ for Slide: a glowing, polyethylene lectern.

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