Height-adjustable tables

Comfort and ergonomics are always important, and doubly so during long meetings and conferences. It might be therefore be a good idea to invest in practical, height-adjustable tables, ecause not all conference chairs are height-adjustable.

Markku Pakkanen’s ‘EFG Ofi Niveau’ and Susse Fischer’s ‘EFG Nostra Niveau’, both manufactured by EFG, are versatile, height-adjustable tables, which can function as individual desks, conference and meeting tables, and even standing-height tables.

Another similar design, though it doesn’t extend quite as high as the other two, is Fritz Haller’s and Paul Schrärer’s elegant ‘USM Modular Furniture Kitos’, a height-adjustable table that has a chromed steel base, and can be ordered with a wide variety of tabletops, from glass to different kinds of wood.

LEUWICO’s ‘iONE Conference desk’ is a comprehensive modular system of large, height-adjustable tables with telescoping, prismatic legs. It is minimally detailed, but does incorporate cable management solutions along with power and connectivity modules.

And lastly, Interstuhl’s ‘Silver 862c’, designed by Hadi Teherani, Hans-Ulrich Bitsch and Ulrich Nether, is a small, one-person, height-adjustable table with a four-star base mounted on small castors, making it a practical companion for short, informal discussions or coffee breaks.

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