Height-adjustable desks

The practicality of height-adjustable desks in an office has been proven many times over, and this has led to a great variety of solutions and configurations, although the basic guiding principle is almost always the same.

This basic type is embodied in Swedstyle’s ‘Aero flex - electric sit & stand frame’ which, at its most basic, is a rectangular, height-adjustable desk with two, telescoping, electrically operated T-legs, but also allows for a corner configuration, and can be ordered with a matching privacy panel.

LEUVICO’s ‘iMOVE-C’ operates on the same principle, though here the two legs are cantilevers. Similar to the previous design, this height-adjustable desk also features an integrated cable management system, and allows for effective height-adjustability up to counter-height.

Johan Ragnar’s and Claes Skogman’s ‘R6 Work.Station’ is a minimalist, height-adjustable desk, with a desktop which rests on two wide, rectangular slabs. These are, of course, telescopic, and allow the desk to maintain its monolithic appearance even when adjusted. Rolf Hay’s ‘Go-Desk Mono’ for GUBI stands on one, asymmetrically placed leg, which in turn protrudes from a small cabinet that acts as its base.

Konstantin Grcic’s ‘360° Table’ for Magis is a square, height-adjustable table, supported by a central, aluminium leg, and can be used as an occasional working desk, counter or a breakfast table. Another design which differs from the standard typology is Sotyrys and Aleksander Pantopulos’s ‘Raptor Table RT 01’ manufactured by Raptor. In this design, the table has adjustable feet and adjustable supports for the desktop, while the supporting structure is a sleek, organically shaped aluminium skeleton.

And finally, Daniel Kern’s ‘Klopstock’ for Moormann is a large, understated, wooden table, whose two supports feature an ingeniously simple click and snap system by which they are attached to the tabletop. This allows it to function as a height-adjustable desk, where different leg configurations produce different desk heights.

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