Hat racks

Hat racks are storage spaces in the hallway intended for hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories. Because of their simple function, they are often integrated with other hallway furnishings.

An exception to this is ‘Crazy head’ designed by CrousCalogero for MYYOUR. In this unique, sculptural design, a large hook provides a place for a motorcycle helmet, or a hat, though it can also be used to hang up other things. Similarly, Ariane März’s ‘Step’ for Müller Möbelwerkstätten is not so much a hat rack as it is a wall-leaning ladder, onto which shelves and hooks can be attached. It follows that one of these shelves may well be used as a hat rack.

All of the other designs are essentially wall-mounted shelves combined with a clothes rail, a series of hooks, or both. Anna von Schewen’s ‘Buss hat rack’ is a combination of a sinuous plywood shelf, combined with stainless steel rail and cylindrical hooks. Kersti Sandin’s and Lars Bülow’s ‘Flax hatrack’ for Materia is a wall mounted acrylic shelf held aloft by a tubular steel frame which sports a row of slender hooks, and recalls the aesthetic sensibilities of the Bauhaus. Axel Bjurström’s ‘SHELF’ hat rack rotates the tubular steel frame slightly out of sync with the wooden shelf, thus creating a rail, while adhering to simple formal logic.

PHOS Design’s ‘Wandgarderobe verstärkt mit Querversterbung’ is an all steel hat-rack; the bars that form the shelf’s surface are spaced so a hat does not fall through them and also double as rails for coat hangers underneath. And finally. Sudbrock’s ‘Modo’ is essentially a large, rectangular mirror, onto which hooks, a rectangular steel frame which functions as a rail, and a glass shelf, which acts as the hat rack, are attached to.

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