Gas barbecues

For those who enjoy barbecuing, but prefer a more reliable method and cleaner flames, gas barbecues offer an excellent alternative to charcoal grills.

Take Röshults-manufactured ‘BBQ grill 100 gas’, designed by Mats Broberg and Johan RIdderstråle, a small, angular, stainless steel gas barbecue that has a variable heat output. For more ambitious cooks, larger versions of this design, ‘BBQ 200 grill gas’ and ‘BBQ 300 grill gas’, are available too.

René Götzenbrugger’s ‘OCQ White’ is a modular outdoor kitchen made from anodized aluminium and weather resistant laminate and includes a range of elements such as sinks, worktops, storage cabinets and, of course, a gas barbecue unit. In this way, a whole outdoor ensemble may be furnished in a coherent, contemporary style.

Finally, those who prefer a more traditional look will find their perfect gas barbecue in Miro Pistek’s ‘T-Bone Rare’ by Kaufmann Green, a design with a concrete base and a canopy that looks like a traditional, open fireplace. It can be fitted with either a gas or a charcoal grill, while still serving as a fireplace. This gas barbecue can be further expanded with storage units that either feature worktops, sinks and even a gas hob, seen in the comprehensive ‘T-Bone Corrida edition’.

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