Garden stools

Garden stools might offer more basic comforts than garden chairs, yet their presence introduces formal and functional variety to any outdoor space. The sheer diversity of garden stools is second to none, ensuring that anyone can find the right design.

Some garden stools are straightforward, wooden, folding affairs with a canvas seat, modelled on the ever-popular director’s chair type. These designs include Vincent Van Duysen’s ‘Portofino’ garden stool for Paola Lenti, Weishäupl’s ‘Cabin Stool’ or Deesawat’s ‘Riviera Director stool’. Rodolfo Dordoni’s ‘LAWRENCE 391 stool’ by Roda also uses a canvas seat, but its base is a refinement of the iconic Butterfly chair.

Plastic garden stools also come in all varieties, from Karim Rashid’s scupltural ‘Skoop’ for Bonaldo, fashioned out of batch-dyed polyethylene; OIva Toikka’s ‘Dodo’ for Magis, an abstracted, rocking bird, which is sure to delight children to Claudio Dondoli’s and Marco Pocci’s ‘Rubik 583’ garden stool, whose transparent body from polycarbonate dematerialises its traditional from. Eugeni Quitllet’s ‘Bum Bum stool’ by Vondom takes a more conceptual approach, where the hollow, tube-like body of the garden stool is meant to amplify nature’s ambient sounds.

Alberto Meda’s Alias-manufactured ‘frame feetframe 431’ is a squat, aluminium garden stool with rounded corners, coated in colourful PVC. EMU Group-manufactured ‘Re-trouvé | 575’ by Patricia Urquiola resembles a mushroom or a champagne cork and is woven from steel wires that can be complemented with a cushion. Alfonso Gallego’s ‘Arena foot stool’ looks like a traditional, cane-woven garden stool, but is also made of lacquered aluminium in order to make it suitable for the outdoors.

OGGI Beton’s ‘Cheese Concrete seating cube’ is a resilient garden stool; a hollow concrete cube with round perforations on its sides. Kei Ng’s and Brian Richer’s ‘Arch stool’ for Castor is a hand-carved limestone block supported by an abstracted, gothic vault. Lastly, Riva 1920’s ‘Legno Vivo 2 | 3’ is a pair of massive, conical, garden stools fashioned from fragrant cedar wood that resemble the archetypal log stool.

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