Garden ovens

Garden ovens are the perfect furnishings for effortless outdoor entertainment. They can be used to prepare and warm up a wide range of meals, and allow the cook to socialise once the food has been placed inside.

Some garden ovens are simpler than others. Take ‘QZone Kitchen’, manufactured by ALL+. It consists of an aluminium frame, that supports a canopy, and within which a worktop, a sink and a garden oven can be fitted. Antonio Citterio’s angular, stainless steel ‘Artusi Outdoor’ for Arclinea is a completely fitted out kitchen that corporates storage spaces, a sink, a hob and a garden oven.

Finally, Alfredo Tasca’s ‘Cheope’ for Metalco Home is a comprehensive garden oven that includes lava rocks underneath a stainless steel grill, as well as a regular cast iron griddle, and a sink at the back of its robust, stainless steel body.

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