Garden lounges

Garden lounges constitute a product group that encompasses a series of ensembles meant for informal outdoor relaxation. Whether in a private garden or a hotel resort, garden lounges offer informal atmosphere, comfort, privacy and shelter for those who seek it.

For example, Gandía Blasco’s ‘Módulo lamas aluminio’ garden lounge is a modular, anodized aluminium pergola, with aluminium blinds, although it is also available with canvas coverings. It shelters a small space where garden chairs, recliners and other furnishings can be set up. Conversely, Richard Frinier’s ‘Orbit Loveseat incl. Canopy’ for DEDON is an fully integrated design that features a round base woven from luxurious synthetic fibre, a large, comfortable seating surface and an adjustable cloth canopy that provides privacy and shade.

Dirk Wynants’s ‘Kosmos’ for extremis assembles a round sofa, a circular table and a parasol into a garden lounge ensemble. Dougan Clarke’s ‘Bali Lounge’ for TUUCI is a large outdoor daybed with a traditional pointed canopy and translucent drapes. Jirachai Tangkijngamwong designed the ‘Summer Cabana Bed for Deesawat, a garden lounge that includes two daybeds with a small side table in between and canvas sheets spanning its square wooden frame.

Luca Trazzi’s ‘shaffa XXL’ for Schönhuber weaves a protective, egg-shaped cocoon from synthetic fibre around a comfortable seat, while Gandía Blasco’s ‘Cristal Box’ is a large, rectangular aluminium structure with sliding doors, and can be fully glazed to offer protection from the wind. Tisettanta’s ‘Nu-Ovo’ is tall, egg-like furnishing that can be fitted out to become an outdoor shower, storage or a garden lounge if a round sofa is incorporated. Lastly, Flo Florian and Sasca Akkermann design ‘Mikasi’ garden lounge for Müller Möbelwerkstätten, a delicate, 2.5-metre tall, tepee-like tent draped in durable sails-fabric with a folding, wooden structure.

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