Garden benches

Garden benches provide a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine, whether on one’s front porch, patio, veranda, terrace or underneath a tree. Luckily, garden benches come in all shapes and sizes, combining comfort, practicality and top-notch design.

Russell Pinch’s ‘ Windsor 2-Seater Sofa’ garden bench for Gloster Furniture is an outdoor take on the popular style of chairs, its solid teak construction guaranteeing resistance to rainy days. Jan Kochański’s ‘Swing’ for Delivé is an elegant, steel, rocking garden bench, available with or without a backrest. Ron Arad’s ‘Folly’ for Magis is a broad, twisting, sculptural ribbon made of rotational-moulded polyethylene that can seat up to 10 people.

Arik Levy’s ‘Elevation bench’ has a wooden seating surface, resting on raised metal compartments, one of which can be used as a planter. Karim Rashid’s sensuously curved ‘Lava Llum’ by Vondom is a cloud-like garden bench, that can be illuminated internally, while David Trubridge’s ‘Liferaft’ is a hollow, organically-shaped garden bench with a structure made from thin, wooden slats. Patricia Urquiola weaves a multi-coloured, richly-patterned ‘Reii’ garden bench for Moroso, using resistant, plastic threads to span a springy support structure.

Conversely, Gerrit Rietveld’s ‘Hillerbandt Garden Bench’ by Rietveld Originals is an angular, workman-like wooden design, dating from 1936, that is nevertheless made comfortable by its well-adjusted proportions and seating angle. Oxley’s Furniture’s ‘Artemis’ garden bench takes a wholly different approach, where classical forms and traditional patterns are made from aluminium. OGGI Beton’s garden benches, such as ‘Messina Concrete bench’ are pared-down, solid products made out of thin slabs of concrete.

Similarly austere, Alfons Bippus’s and Otto Sudrow’s ‘Skwer’ takes steel grid flooring and welds it into garden benches and tables that are complemented by comfortable, upholstered seat covers. ‘Zero’, designed by Ivano Losa and Matteo Galbusera for Ak47, is a round garden bench that can store logs of wood in its body and features a covered fireplace in the middle. Lastly, Fabios Novembre’s modular ‘And’ garden bench from Vondom is a large looping sculpture that be extended infinitely, if desired.

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