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Game tables (among them billiard tables, card tables, chess tables and football tables) can provide entertainment, but should not do so at the expense of functionality. Therefore, all of the designs shown here are suitable not only for playing, but serve a different purpose as well.

Davide de Muro Dominijammi’s ‘Rocco’ chess table for Morelato is equally suited to playing chess or as a decorative, old-world-style side table. Front’s ‘chess table’ for moooi is designed around the module of one chess square, which dictates the measurements of all the table’s components. Similar to the previous design, this one can also be used as a side table.

Tables for card games can offer more specific features: Joe Colombo’s ‘Poker | 2625’ for Zanotta includes swing-away ashtrays, and Jaime Tresserra’s ‘Jocker mesa juego’ has built-in space for cards in its hollow legs. Another option, Reflex’s round, elegant ‘Poker’ table, combines a revolving part in its tabletop, presenting either felt or leather playing surface, with legs crafted from Murano Glass.

A wholly different game is catered to by Stephan Boltz’s and Valentin Hartmann’s ‘bordbar soccer edition’, which is in essence an airplane bar-trolley with a game of table football on top. Another clever, space-saving solution is offered by Fusiontables’s ‘Fusion table’: a large, pared-down dining table actually allows its owner to remove the wooden panels from the top and raise the legs, so that it can be used as a fully functional billiard table.

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