Furniture fittings

Children’s rooms should be fun and stimulate child’s fantasy, but not at the expense of high-quality, durable furnishings. Fortunately, some manufacturers on the market offer colourful furniture fittings, which can add a touch of whimsy to a serious cupboard or a chest of drawers, and can be easily replaced when the child grows up.

Manufacturer LAGRAMA, a specialist in children’s and young people’s bedroom furniture, offers a range of colourful, rounded handles that can be purchases and used on their, but also on other manufacturers’ designs. The long, lime-green ‘Finish - Shooter Top’ or ‘Finish - Shooter maya’, a long red bar, can add the necessary touch of colour.

The large, white, friendly handle, ‘Finish - Shooter Drop’, or a simple, orange knob ‘Finish - Shooter Promo Infinity’ are also available, bringing more diversity to the furniture fittings product group.

VIEFE® , a prominent Spanish manufacturer of furniture knobs and handles, also carries furniture fittings specifically aimed at children . Their ‘Animal Dreams’ range portrays a variety of colourful, sleeping, cartoon animals, such as a chicken, a crocodile, a pig, a cat and a rabbit. ‘Explorers’, another range of furniture fittings, features sea creatures; a red crab, a blue whale, and a beige starfish. Both of these collections are designed by Vabau.

Lastly, for those who would like their playfulness a little bit abstracted, Albert Arqué’s ‘Ninot’, a knob in the shape of a stick figure, available in several bright colours, and again manufactured by VIEFE®, is also an option.

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