Freestanding wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes provide a place to hang one’s coat and hat, but they also set the mood of the house upon entry. There is a very wide range of designs in this category, though most variations tend to occur within the classic coat stand or coat rail categories.

Some noteworthy freestanding wardrobes that are neither include Karim Rashid’s ‘Kaddy’ for Tonelli, a revolving, open, all-glass locker, Sudbrock’s ‘Nexus’, an ensemble consisting of a mirror-fronted cupboard, drawers and a clothes rail, and Ariane März ‘Step’ for Müller Möbelwerkstätten, a wall-leaning ladder, with hooks and shelves attached to its steps to increase its storage capacity.

Within the coat stands subgroup, there is an emphasis on functionality and aesthetics. For instance, ‘Garderobenständer Modell GSZ’ freestanding wardrobe, designed by Stefan Zwicky for Seledue|Seleform, has an umbrella stand integrated in its base, while Verner Panton’s ‘PANTON COATSTAND’ by Schönbuch is an organically shaped, colourful wire sculpture. Michael Schwebius’s ‘STICKS’ freestanding wardrobe, also for Schönbuch, is an irregular, sculptural amalgamation of solid wooden rods.

Taking inspiration from nature, Michael Young and Katrin Petrusdottir’s ‘Tree’ for Swedese, is a freestanding wardrobe in the shape of a tree; the coats, hats and scarves may be hung on the branches. Donato D’Urbino’s and Paolo Lomazzi’s ‘Appendispecchio’ for Tonelli is also inspired by trees, although its mirror clad surface further adds to its practicality. Guido Drocco’s and Franco Mello’s ‘Cactus’ for Gufram is a playful, polyurethane foam coat stand in the shape of a cactus.

There is just as much diversity to be found within freestanding clothes rails. Bette Eklund’s ‘Lume’ is an, angular, slightly contorted steel frame, While Tomoko Azumi’s ‘TRA - RA’ for Zili Aldo & C is a light, understated wooden construction. Rupert Kopp extends the back posts of a bench into supports for a coat rack in his wood and steel ‘Yak’ manufactured by Moormann. And although Beat Glässer’s ‘ZEN’ for mox is not technically a freestanding wardrobe, since it leans against a wall, but it certainly strikes an elegant, effortless note as it suspends a hat rack and a rail above its slanted, steel supports.

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