Freestanding displays

Freestanding displays can be roughly divided into two categories: analogue and digital. The first are rather traditional and rely on superimposed printed graphic material, whereas the latter included video displays whose content can be changed virtually.

For instance, Thomas Bernstrand’s ‘Subway’ for Materia is a freestanding cylindrical column that emulates advertisement pillars and can hold a variety of magazines, newspapers and brochures. PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL’s ‘Light columns’ freestanding displays are internally illuminated PVC cylinders which can be covered in interchangeable graphics. Both designs are well suited for receptions and lobbies.

ARTHUR HOLM’s ‘Static’ is a sleek, exclusive widescreen display that can either be mounted on a wall or a freestanding frame. Ralg Kücher’s ‘Glas Blue’ is a freestanding display which can retreat down into its robust, panel base and whose glass frame is printed with bold graphic patterns. Christian Nygaard’s ‘Impact floor stand’ by GrapeDesign combines the base and a frame for a digital tablet into a single fluid gesture.

Some freestanding displays are less sculptural, but offer other possibilities. For example, Ruud Ekstrand’s aluminium, height-adjustable ‘Mixx’ for Abstracta can hold a modern desktop computer. Staron’s ‘STARON® Audio-Video’ Freestanding display mounts two digital screens back-to-back and integrates two keyboards within its robust, T-shaped stand.

Lastly, Wiege-designed ‘Interwall’ freestanding display for Wilkhahn is a castor-mounted whiteboard with an integrated projection mechanism and shelves that can be used for corporate presentations, but also in educational institutions such as schools and universities.

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