Floor panels

Floor panels are an incredibly diverse product group, offering a myriad of options, sure to suit everyone’s tastes and requirements. The rich selection offered here is suited to more extreme outdoor conditions, but can be used to furnish interior spaces as well.

In many cases, outdoor floor panels are large slabs of natural stone, such as ‘Marvel PRO Statuario Select Textured 20mm’, a large, pale, textured marble floor panel of European origin. Metten produces a range of basalt floor tiles and panels, from smooth ‘Basalt schwartz Platten, geflammt’ to roughly hewn ‘Basalt grau Pflaster, gespalten’.

Nowadays, developments in the manufacture of ceramics mean that it is now possible to manufacture durable floor panels with stone-like appearance. Such products are ‘Markmorker saint laurent’ by Casalgrande Padana, which resembles polished, brown marble, or ‘Pangea Barge Grigio’ by Refin, available in a more muted, grey colour. Keope’s ‘In&Out - Percosi sextra Muretto’ is a floor panel system that emulates popular, elongated stone tiles.

Some ceramics mimic other materials, such as the texture of wood in ‘Docs 2.0 Miele OUT’ by Fap Ceramiche, concrete as seen in INALCO’s ‘Concrete Crema Natural’ and Casalgrande Padana’s Çemento cassero grigio’ or weathered steel in Porcelaingres’s ‘Great metals | oxidum’ floor panels.

Finally, some stoneware ceramic floor panels come in single colours, such as dark grey ‘Carnaby dark strutturato’ by ceramiche Supergres or AGROB BUCHTAL’s ‘Bosco’ range of floor panels in earth colours.

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