Floor lights

Floor lights, like free-standing lights, come in all shapes and sizes. Floor lights also showcase a wide range of design approaches, but, given their smaller scale, play a more modest role role of a well-chosen accessory meant to enliven any space.

This approach is demonstrated by ‘Lap Bench’, designed by David Abad for B.LUX, that combines a wooden seating surface with a metal base and built-in illumination. OGGI Beton’s ‘Gartenleuchten’ is a hollow, perforated concrete cube with a light inside that can be used inside, as well as outside. ‘SAFIR JUTE XL’ is a floor light in the shape of a regular polyhedron, wrapped in bright-red, biodegradable jute and is well-suited for mood lighting. Eero Aarnio’s ‘Flamingo’ for Studio Eero Aarnio is a sculptural tube of white polyethylene that seems to be whipped into a fluid shape.

A wholly different approach is taken by ewo in ‘P 200’ floor light that mounts 36 high-powered LEDs into an aluminium body. A similar, high-performance attitude is evident is Catellani & Smith’s ‘Ciclocina terra’, a nickel-plated floor light with a bending, tubular support. Converesely, frauMeier.com’s ‘Shape Wait!’ is a playful design, that uses a backlit silhouette of a dog, made from powder-coated steel, to construct a floor lamp. Shiro Kuramata’s artful ‘K-series’ floor light for Yamagiwa takes shape of an internally illuminated sheet of white cloth, hanging mid-air.

Daniel Rybakken’s and Andreas Engesvik’s ‘LT04 COLOUR’ is a minimalist composition of a white, steel circle and rose glass rectangle that seem to glow. And while Delightfull’s brash ‘Graphic lamp M’ combines a bold outline of the letter M filled with bright, neon tubes, Aqua Creations-manufactured ‘Sahara’ is a sublime sculpture, a richly textured disk, more akin to a work of art than a floor light.

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