Floor lights

Integrated into the ground’s surface, floor light provide suitable illumination for late night garden parties. The designs in this product group have been selected for their toughness, ability to withstand the elements, as well as their clear aesthetic appeal.

The selection contains such classic types as the ‘Star LED 45’ by ARKOSLIGHT, a small, round spotlight with a stainless steel frame that can be integrated seamlessly within any surface. Jordi Vilardell’s and Meritxell Vidal’s ‘Meridiano 4710 - 1725 Outdoor’ is also a round floor light, but includes a bulbous, wire-supported stool that shields it, dispersing light on the ground while offering additional seating.

Lorenzo Giacomini’s ‘Lampyris’ for Panzeri is an aluminium floor light in shape of a cut-off mound that can be covered with grass and creates a one-of-a-kind illuminated landscape. OGGI Beton’s ‘Gartenleuchten’ floor lights are perforated concrete cubes with a light source inside that also double as stools. Slide’s ‘Globo’ is more akin to an abstract, spherical sculpture that can be exhibited on lawns or hardened surfaces. Made from internally illuminated polyethylene, spheres of different sizes can be arranged into artful ensembles.

UNEX’s ‘Earth rod LED’ is a small, adjustable spotlight with a power cord that can also be used flexibly by simply repositioning it and setting it within a soft surface. On the other hand, Lundbergdesign’s ‘Spring’ floor light manufactured by Patek Light is bolted to the surface with stainless steel screws, creating a more permanent solution, but it can still be angled and adjusted for the desired lighting.

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