Flood lights

Floodlights are high-intensity, broad-beamed artificial lights. Their enlarged versions illuminate sport stadiums during evening and night matches, but the floodlights in this selection are smaller in scale, more suited to homes, offices and commercial interiors.

Philippe Starck’s ‘Fort Knox 1 Floodlight Track QT-12’ for Flos is a lone, robust floodlight on a guiding rail. The intensity and wide angle of incidental light can be increased by using several fixtures in a series. Same applies to Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners-designed ‘Ambar’ a high-tech, high-performance adjustable floodlight from Reggiani. ‘Compass Spot Track Floodlight’ by Flos is a large, rectangular die-cast aluminium floodlight that achieves very high levels of illumination on its own.

Kreon’s ‘Side’ illustrates a different approach to floodlight, being a high-intensity lighting panel that can be integrated within a suspended ceiling system. Lightnet’s ‘Matric W4 [Office]’ and Works Studio-designed ‘Alias’ by Leucos are both rectangular, suspended volumes that are especially suited to creating a bright working environment in expansive office spaces. Lastly, Catellani & Smith’s ‘Lucenera 206’ comprises two independent, ceiling-mounted lights, whose tubular lamp shades are combined with internal reflectors to provide bright, wide-angled illumination.

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