Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment does not feature heavily in spaces such as a kitchen or a living room, but it can frequently be found in a bedroom, hobby room, or, if one has the necessary resources, a dedicated fitness room.

The products in this category are all produced by Technogym, a leading Italian manufacturer dedicated to producing comprehensive ranges of professional fitness and wellness equipment. Starting with cardiovascular fitness equipment, top-of-the-line cross-trainers, such as ‘Cross Personal’ designed by Antonio Citterio for home use or ‘New Synchro Formal’, often used in professional gyms, are both available.

The choice does not end there; Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen’s ‘Run Personal Visioweb’ is a state-of-the-art treadmill, as is ‘Run Now’ or ‘Jog Now’. Stationary bicycles are represented by ‘New Bike Forma’, ‘Group Cycle’ and ‘Bike Excite’. These pieces of fitness equipment all feature an ergometer, which monitors burned calories, the user’s heart rate, as well as other performance statistics.

The second major group of fitness equipment are weight-training machines. These can be gym benches used for exercising with free weights, such as the more straightforward ‘Practica’ bench, or ‘Multipla’, which combines several pieces of fitness equipment. ‘Unica’ goes the furthest, providing opportunity for 25 different weight-exercises within the same design.

Another design which combines many pieces of fitness equipment into one is ‘Kinesis Personal’, once again a collaboration between Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen. Here, a sleek back panel, available in a variety of finishes from gold to mirror, four swing-out rails, cables, and some discreetly hidden engineering, are assembled to form a multifunctional, adjustable and compact home fitness trainer for beginners and advanced alike.

The last subset of fitness equipment product group on offer is slightly smaller in scale and consists of important accessories, such as ‘Wellness Ball’, designed for various balance exercises, ‘Wellness Pad’, a practical sports mat, or ‘Wellness Weight’, a set of small weights that can be used for jogging or during an aerobic workout.

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