Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment is not only an essential part of sport and fitness facilities, but also larger hotels and wellness resorts, school gymnasia, large office complexes and even private homes. Fitness equipment shows incredible amount of variety. There is cardio and strength training, with products designed to exercise different muscle groups and fitness equipment dedicated to professional athletes as well as a subcategory dedicated to the general public. All the products in this selection are manufactured by Technogym and many feature monitoring systems of adjustable difficulty levels, or both.

‘Cross Personal’ is a basic, sleek crosstrainer, while ‘New Synchro Forma’ is a technically more sophisticated piece of the same fitness equipment. This is also the case with ‘Recline Personal’ and ‘New Recline Forma’ fitness equipment. ‘Run Now’ is a basic, sturdy treadmill, while ‘New Run Forma’ features a lower running surface for increased accessibility and an innovative dampening system that ensures a silent operation. ‘New Spazio Forma’ treadmill can be folded to save space. ‘Run Personal’, styled by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, is a designer piece of fitness equipment that is also connected to the internet for ready access to workout data.

Some fitness equipment can be used for both strength and cardio training, such as ‘Top Excite’, which focuses on torso and core muscle groups, or Antonio Citterio’s and Toan Nguyen’s ‘Kinesis Personal Heritage Gold’, a luxury gold plated panel which hides a series of pulleys and adjustable weights and allows for an almost infinite variety of exercises for diverse muscle groups. ‘Wellness Ball’ is used for balancing exercises and ‘Wellness Weight’ as weight during cardio exercises, while ‘Wellness Bag’ and ‘Wellness Pad’ are useful accessories in sport and fitness facilities.

Fitness equipment for strength workout is just as varied. Take the basic and minimal ‘Wellness Rack’ for dumbbells and compare it to the more comprehensive and adjustable ‘Practica’ or ‘Multipla’ multi gym benches. The latter piece of fitness equipment even incorporates guided rails for weight lifting. Lastly, ‘Unica’ is a comprehensive strength training piece of fitness equipment, that provides 25 different strength exercises without the need to change a single element.

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