Executive desks

Executive desks are the most prestigious workstations available. Highly representative, the choice of the right executive desk is both important and revealing.

For example, Riva’s stately ‘Boss’ executive desk is a serious, pared-down table on two massive legs, expertly crafted from solid wood. Antonio Morello’s ‘York - Managerial line’ also consists of generously proportioned, formally sober executive desks, but the focus lies on integrating storage space and cable management, conveying organisation and authority, but also friendliness and pragmatism.

Ece Yalim Design Studio’s ‘Massive’ executive desk, manufactured by ERSA, is another minimalist design that manages to address all of the practical concerns, and also comes with corresponding cabinets and sideboards. Antonio Zambusi’s semi-circular ‘Century’, an executive desk made by ULTOM ITALIA, is a more decorative choice, faced with luxurious, glossy, wooden veneer.

Of course, one can always turn to modernist classics, such as Florence Knoll’s ‘Florence Knoll Table Desks’, a large, formally understated circular table manufactured by Knoll International, which can be ordered with a marble tabletop, or Le Corbusier’s and Charlotte Perriand’s angular, dignified, 1928 ‘LC6’ table, manufactured by Cassina.

Many contemporary designs for executive desks seem to have embrace the table typology. M.U.’s ‘Bacco’ by Tonelli dissolves into space, being an all glass executive desk consisting only of three elements: a desktop, and two L shaped supports, while ‘Nomos’ executive desk, designed by the British architect Norman Foster for TECNO is and exquisitely sophisticated skeleton holding up a glass tabletop.

Antonio Citterio’s ‘Spatio’ executive desk for Vitra refers to postwar design with its wooden oval desktop held aloft by polished aluminium legs. Gerard der Kinderen’s ‘Trouvé 3-legs’ for ZinX also has a roughly oval desktop but is supported by three, asymmetrically placed, tilting legs, leaving a daring and dynamic impression.

And while Oskar Zieta inflates thin steel sheets into the understated, rigid ‘Koza II’, a pair of trestles, onto which the user can mount a tabletop of his or her choice, Kinzo’s ‘KINZO AIR’ executive desk, produced by bau+art, is a visually light, dynamic sculpture, where the executive desk seems to be folded from a single, white strip.

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