Elderly care sofas

Elderly care sofas constitute a specialised product group where the emphasis is suarely placed on comfort, ergonomics and familiarity. However, today’s designers and manufacturers are up to the challenge, and have proven adept at combining the functional requirements with attractive aesthetic and careful craftsmanship.

Norwegian manufacturer Helland offers an extensive collection of elderly care sofas, which are sure to complement any interior. Helge Leikanger’s ‘Citus sofa’ comes with chamfered, round armrests, while Helge Taraldsen’s ‘Link sofa’ is an angular seat with tall armrests, standing on chromed legs made from flat strips of steel. ‘Kits sofa’ is also angular, though its armrests are lower and its base is made from bent steel rods; while ‘Duun sofa’, again designed by Helge Taraldsen, comprises a gracefully curving laminate wood frame that contains upholstered cushions.

All of the aforementioned elderly care sofas are available in many different variations, from two seaters, to corner seats, and can be specified in different fabrics and colours.

Nevertheless, other manufacturers also offer a varied selection of choice elderly care sofas. Kai Stania’s ‘grace Kubus Bank 2-teilig’ for Wiesner-Hager is a orthogonal seat, with a segmented headrest, while the ‘grace Bank 2-teilig’ is a more streamlined version of the same elderly care sofa. TON’s ‘Santiago triple armchair’ by René Šulc, is a more stripped down sofa, where an angular wooden base holds rectangular upholstery. The covers are removable and washable for added practicality.

And where Norbert Novotny’s robust ‘Logo Lounge’ for Dietiker, with its generously voluminous seat and tubular steel support, resembles classic modernist designs from the 1930s; Wolfgang Joop’s ‘Harlem couch’ is a plush elderly care sofa, whose familiar form evokes old world comfort and protective atmosphere.

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