Elderly care benches

Elderly care benches are found in nursing and care homes, and are used furnish common areas, waiting rooms and other social spaces, where the residents, carers and visitors congregate. It is the designers’ and manufacturers’ task to design and produce comfortable and durable seats and they are definitely up to the task.

For example, Helland’s ‘Lake bench’ consists of a series of comfortably upholstered seats, mounted on a beam. This elderly care bench can be complemented with armrests or a side table, which can even be used as a corner element. Another beam-mounted elderly care bench is Alp Nuhoğlu’s ‘Krimizi’ for B&T Design, where a series of smooth, sculptural seating shells are mounted on a slim, slanted steel base.

There are also classic, stripped down elderly care benches, without a backrest, such as Steffen Kaz’s and Catharina Lorenz’s ‘Shira bench’ for Bedont with a high-quality laminate seat and a wooden base, or the upholstered ‘Modus bench’ designed by Frederik Torsteinsen for Helland. Robert de le Roi’s ‘1555/5 Luca’ elderly care bench for Kusch+Co comes with a wide backrest and is pared down and traditional in form, whilst Gerhard Braun’s ‘S13 Bench’ for Wiesner Hager is a more minimal, contemporary model.

Ending on a sculptural note, Alp Nuhoğlu once again teams up with the manufacturer B&T Design, this time creating the ‘Moby’ elderly care bench, an upholstered ribbon that bends down to support itself on either end. Optionally, it is available with a backrest, which copies the form of the seat, following the original’s formal concept.

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