Elderly care armchairs

Armchairs form an important product category within elderly care furniture product group. As many other types of furnishings used in elderly care and healthcare, the main focus is on comfort, ergonomics, stability and durability, which might rule out the more experimental and conceptual designs, but the choice is nevertheless broad and the quality of both design and craftsmanship high.

For example, the armchairs suitable for elderly care by the Norwegian manufacturer Helland come in all shapes and sizes, from the minimal, and robust ‘Kits armchair’, which stands on four legs from bent steel rods; ‘Duun Recliner chair’ designed by Helge Taraldsen, where wheels and a footrest can be attached to the laminated wooden structure to increase its practicality; Aldrid Svein Alnes’s and Helge Taraldsen’s ‘Bo recliner chair’ which can also be ordered with a matching footstool; and the swiveling ‘Twin lounge chair’ by the same designers; whose seat comprises two petal-shaped, upholstered shells supported by a 5-star steel base.

However, these are not the only choices when it comes to elderly care armchairs. Consider ‘Santiago recliner armchair’, designed for the Czech manufacturer TON by René Šulc. This armchair has a wooden structure, is mounted on castors and is fitted with storage compartments, and features an electronically adjustable upholstered seat.

Kai Stania’s ‘grace Clubsessel’ armchair for Wiesner-Hager is a wholly different affair, with a robust, fully upholstered seat shell with armrests, available in a number of bright colours and tasteful patterns, and is finally mounted on a stable wooden base. Hans J. Wegner’s ‘GE 284 Easy Chair’ by Getama is a more understated design, where the upholstered seat and backrest, available in fabric or leather, are set into a meticulously crafted wooden frame.

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