DVD Shelves

Similarly to CD racks, DVD shelves can also be broadly divided into two categories: there are shelves that are designed solely for the purpose of storing DVDs, and those which are more multifunctional.

Some DVD shelves that are specifically intended for display and storage in a library can be used to furnish one’s home as well. One such design is an understated, quintessential library DVD shelf ‘BBL DVDs’, manufactured by Mobles 114 and designed by JM Tremoleda and Eduard Juanola. In a similar vein, Abad Diseño’s ‘Jakin’ for Sellex is a triangular prism, whose two opposing, sloped sides are used for displaying DVDs.

More multifunctional is André Zingg’s ‘CD-POOL’, manufactured by mox, is a series of shelves affixed to a metal frame which leans against a wall. The shelves themselves are meant primarily for CDs and DVDs, but can easily accommodate, books, magazines, and other objects. Thomas Sandell’s ‘Melt’ for Marsotto Edizioni also leans against a wall, though it is an open, bent sideboard constructed wholly from marble.

Another DVD shelf which displays versatility is the steel, wall-mounted ‘MyBox’, designed by Manuale Busetti, Andrea Garuti and Matteo Radaelli for Aico Design. The concealed fasteners ensure that the compartments can be rearranged within the shelf in order to meet the user’s current needs.

Franco Mirenzi’s ‘Totem’ DVD shelf, again manufactured by Aico Design, consists of a series of platforms, affixed to a central, wall-mounted pole. This design can also integrate a television screen, along with a DVD player or a video game console. Studio Kairos’s ‘Totò’ DVD shelf, manufactured by LEMA, is a tall, revolving metal container with several compartments. Müller Möbelwekstätten-manufactured ‘Skala’, designed by Siegfried Bensinger, can be ordered as a rotating tower, or a large room-dividing shelf, depending on the desired capacity and use.

A more minimal solution is the narrow ‘LUFT’ DVD shelf, designed for mox by Anna Salonen, which can be attached to the wall either vertically or horizontally. A more playful design is ‘Randomite’ designed for MDF Italia by Bruno Fattorini & Partners. For this DVD shelf, different sized compartments are created between unevenly spaced horizontal dividers.

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