Duvets / pillows

Well chosen duvets and pillows can have a large influence on the quality of one’s sleep. Ideally pillows should offer enough support for one’s head, but also ventilate well. Duvets, especially in winter, are used to retain body heat, while during spring and summer, lighter duvets, permitting better ventilation, are used. There is a great emphasis placed on natural and safe materials for both pillows and duvets.

The height of one’s pillow is often a very personal matter, but Pedano’s ‘Cotone’ pillow is suitable for everyone. Composed from three, cotton-stuffed layers, its height can be simply adjusted to suit individual preference. ‘Dorico’ pillow, also by Pedano, is composed of three different cylinders made of cotton and horsehair, which move along with the head and neck and provide a relaxing massage during sleep. The ‘Sing a song’ range of pillows by Chiccham is a more decorative option, which can be used as an accessory in the bedroom, but also as a cushion on a sofa in a living room.

Flou’s ‘Total Body Duvet’ is a duvet designed to be used during all four seasons. Pedano’s ‘Lino’ duvet, on the other hand, made with linen in order to ensure a quick release of humidity, is most suited to spring and summer. Other duvets by Pedano, such as ‘Camello’ and ‘Cashmere’, which use camel wool and cashmere goat wool respectively, are also suited for colder months of the year.

And for those who want to add a touch of colour to their bedroom, or maybe just want to have a blanket within an arm’s reach in case of an occasional cold night in the spring or autumn, can turn to Claudia Caviezel’s bright ‘Sagogn Plaid’, manufactured by Atelier Pfister.

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