Dressing tables

Dressing tables are narrow tables, usually with one or two rows of drawers, which act as a storage space for personal adornments and cosmetics. Accompanied by a stool or a chair, a dressing table offers space to apply make-up or put on jewellery. They are most often placed against a wall of a master bedroom.

The exemplar modernist dressing table is Eileen Gray’s ‘Petite Coiffeuse’, now manufactured by ClassiCon. The elegant, asymmetrical, tubular steel structure, with a minimalist chest of drawers, is meant to be accompanied by her equally ingenious ‘Castellar’ mirror, which includes a swivel-out section. Likewise, Marcel Wanders’s 2006 ‘Kate’ for Quodes, although arguably a more traditional design, is part of a range that also includes the complementary ‘Paris’ mirror

Another traditional design is Boca do lobo’s ‘York’ dressing table, with curved legs, decorative drawers and an elliptical mirror mounted in its centre. Carlo Colombo’s ‘Venere’ for Gallotti & Radice features the same set-up, but with highly abstracted form and minimalist detailing. Stephane Veit’s ‘Dreamline Vico’ dressing table, designed for Gruber + Schlager, is an openable shelf which hides small storage space and a large mirror. It can also be used as a side table when closed. Giovanna Azzarello’s semi-circular ‘Vanity’ dressing table includes a matching chair, which can slide underneath the table top, to create an impression of a solid sideboard.

André Schelbach’s ‘Magic Cube Dress’ for Yomei and Lyndon Neri’s and Rossana Hu’s ‘The Narcissist Dressing Table’ are both small cabinets which open up to reveal an integrated mirror in its interior and storage compartments on the inside of their doors. Kai Stania’s ‘riletto cabinet’ for TEAM 7, reduces the dressing tale to a wooden wall shelf and a mirror, connected by rounded wooden joint.

However, many dressing tables come without a specifically designed or integrated mirror. The pared-down ‘Kingston Dressing Table’, designed by Sean Dare, can be also used as a small desk, just like Wis Design’s playful ‘COLLECT Make-up table’ for Schönbuch, or Operadesign’s more robust, ‘Condotti Dressing Table’, manufactured by Flou.

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