Door mats

Door mats are useful accessories found in, or often even in front of, entrance areas of buildings, be they private or public; housing or offices. If used in exterior, door mats be made from wear-resistant, durable materials, while door mats used in the interior can be more delicate.

Michael Rösing’s ‘doormat “feet-back III”’, manufactured by Radius Design, combines a series of round, plastic brushes with a perforated, high-grade steel sheet to achieve an attractive, durable and functional result. Peter Keilbach’s ‘Camino Doormat’ embeds strips of felt into a steel mat, and allows the user to change them once they wear out.

‘ENTRANCE Doormat’, designed by jehs + laub for Authentics, is a minimalist design which sets a tough, rubber mat within an slim, sturdy aluminium frame. Maiken Walther’s ‘WOOD BME’ door mat for DECOR WALTHER is perhaps more suited to indoors, being made wholly from wood. Another door mat which is more suitable for interior space is Riccardo Fattori’s ‘Euclide’ for antoniolupi, as it consists of padded, bonded leather with an optional neoprene base.

Finally, Ed Annink combines a PVC base and coconut fibre (coir) surface with a touch of whimsy in Droog-produced ‘Hare / Hippo mat’, a series of door mats cut out to resemble animal silhouettes.

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