Display stands

Display stands are practical accessories; not only can they help advertise the organisation to which they belong, they are often used as temporary wayfinding devices, directing guests to their destination.

Some of the display stands presented here are part of a much larger range. For example, Michele de Lucchi’s and Sezgin Aksu’s ‘Koala Totem’ is a freestanding display stand that accommodates varying amounts of differently sized compartments. The same product range also includes ‘Koala’, in which display units are mounted on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or even affixed within a frame by means of steel wires, making this display stands a suitable room divider.

Massimo Mussapi’s and Francesco Crimella’s ‘Bip Wall’ and ‘Bip Floor’ are wall-mounted and freestanding respectively, both with an aluminium back panel and a clear, plexiglass front. Ulrich P. Winkath’s ‘Monte’ for Plan W combines a tall, tilting glass plate with a steel foot and steel shelves to produce a minimalist magazine display stand.

Meanwhile, Fritz Haller and Paul Schrärer combine the elegant, exposed steel skeleton of their ‘USM Modular Furniture Haller’ for USM with suitable infill elements to produce a sideboard and a desk with an incorporated slanted wooden displaying surface.

IDEALAB’s ‘Cairo’ is yet another versatile display stand. Here, a large frame is suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall and completed with a variety infill options, ranging from large posters to smaller compartments, which can be combined within a single module and simultaneously used to advertise and dispense magazines, brochures or flyers.

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