Display cabinets

A display cabinet can serve as a tasteful decoration in an entrance or a reception area, showcasing latest products or works of art, while protecting exhibits from accidental damage.

Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘Wallstreet Living Office’ for adeco is a wall-mounted system of shelves and compartments, though they act mostly as open display, and while they do not offer a high degree of protection, they suited to presenting less costly objects.

The rest of display cabinets in the selection offer more security. Planning Sisplamo’s minimally-detailed ‘Vitrinas’, a collection of wholly grazed cupboards and sideboards, and ‘Vitrinas SHELF CASES’ both include locks, for example. The former product line includes internal LED lighting and the latter includes a freestanding table with a tempered glass lid.

A rougher look is explored in Artmodul’s ‘Artmodul System - Showcases’, where tall display cabinets bare their tubular steel skeleton, with clear glass infill panels at the top and a variable infill of either engineered wood or opaque glass acting as a pedestal at the bottom.

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