Decorative items

Kids’ rooms have always provided designers with an opportunity to create colourful, playful and decorative items. In this product group, we shall take a closer look at two decorative floor coverings, which nevertheless transcend mere decoration.

If we look at Satyendra Pakhalé’s ‘Puzzle Carpet’ for Magis, we see both a practical, modular floor cover, but also a decorative item, whose modular, interlocking tiles of different colour can be arranged and rearranged at will, triggering both parents’ and children’s imagination.

Just as playful is Eero Aarnio’s ‘Flying carpet’, also produced by Magis. Here, the decorative nature of the item is evident in its use of bring colours and organic, wave-like shape of the base. However, far from being only a feast for the eyes, the base of this item can rock back and forth, making it ideal for a fun magic carpet ride during playtime.

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