A deck refers to an outdoor area covered with wooden planks, and is originally named after the floors of old ships which were constructed in this manner. Contemporary decking proves to be at attractive alternative to floor panels and tiles.

An important quality of decking floors is their relative lightness. The most commonly used materials are wood, such as Porcelanosa’s ‘Tarima Teka’, available in lengths up to 240 cm; or pur natur’s ‘pur natur Terrace Deck Kollin’, available in lengths of up to 620 cm. In the case of natural wood, the decking might need to be treated, but, as is the case with these high quality products, they can also be allowed to patinate.

For a more stable appearance, which might appeal to some homeowners, manufacturers have developed composite decking materials that combine wooden pulp with recycled plastic, a combination of materials that often increases the deck’s durability. For instance, MYDECK produces a whole range of smooth decking planks in different colours, such as ‘MYDECK PURE macao’ and greyish ‘MYDECK PURE berlin’. ‘MYDECK VERTIGRAIN sand’ is composite decking which features a rough, anti-slip surface.

And while Esthec®’s range of composite decking materials comes in subdued hues such as light grey-blue in ‘Esthec® Terrace Mystery’, or faded beige of ‘Esthec® Terrace Aroma’, Caesar’s ‘Life Walnut’ decking, made from a ceramic material, mimics the look of natural wood.

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