Cots / Cribs

Beds for infants, called cots or cribs, are often their very first piece of furniture. They can either be in the children’s own bedroom, or, due to their small size, cribs can also be placed in the parents’ bedroom.

Here we present two designs. Kenneth Cobonpue’s ‘Le Petit Voyage Crib’ is an evocative, woven vessel, which forms a part of the designer’s ‘Voyage’ range that, apart from the cot itself, includes a double bed, a daybed a night stand and a pet basket.

The second design, ‘Bobo’’, refers to more traditional, vernacular precedents. Designed by Teresa La Rocca for Woodesign, this cot, made from natural beech wood, can be rocked slightly and may be fitted with a decorative canopy.

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