Console tables

Although console tables are narrow, slightly taller pieces commonly found standing alongside a wall in hallways, they can serve equally well as a side table in a garden, or be used to furnish smaller outdoor spaces such as patios, terraces or balconies.

This product category is small, but there is still enough variety for anyone to find their favourite console table. Take Manutti’s ‘Siena console’, a classic ensemble in weatherproof teak, with an inset top out of natural stone. ‘Beton console table’ by jankurtz is a rather minimalist piece composed of three panels. Made out of concrete, this console table can weather any storm.

Wolfgang Pichler’s ‘Home sideboard’ console table for Viteo is a more visually light, reduced affair with a slim, polished, stainless steel structure and a teak tabletop. Yothaka’s ‘Kenya console’ has a stable, upholstered surface, meaning it can be used as a leaning bench. Its robust bamboo base is held together by synthetic fibres.

Lastly, Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderståle deliver on what they promise: their ‘Garden sideboard 100’ for Röshults is a metre long, open sideboard made of powder-coated steel. It can be used as a console table, but has the added benefit of two extra shelves, always a practical addition to any garden.

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