Conference table systems

In many cases, a solitary conference table is simply not sufficient to fulfil the more individual and specific spatial requirements. Luckily, the desired configurations can be produced by choosing from a diverse category of modular and customisable conference table systems.

An indisputable pioneer of this category is ‘Tempest table’, designed and manufactured since 1974 by HOWE and redesigned in 2009 by Komplot Design. The beauty of this conference table system lies in its simplicity and inventiveness: a rectangular, multi-purpose table with a polished, metal base featuring hidden castors, whose top can be flipped so that several of these may be nested for storage. Martin Dettinger’s ‘CN Series Conference table’ for ophelis is a similar, more contemporary design, and although it omits castors, it does integrate cable management solutions.

Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Motion XXL Conference table’ for Lista Office incorporates lighting as well, and allows the user to accessorise this conference table system with mats and paper trays. More subdued, ‘Colonnade Table’, designed for Fora Form by Komplot Design, comes with either T or U-shaped, polished bases, integrated cable management, although its main appeal lies in its use of gently curving, oval tabletop.

Jorge Pensi’s ‘8400 Ona Desk’ for Kusch+Co and Wijtse Rodenburg’s ‘Ahrend 500’ for Ahrend are both conference table systems whose metal bases are essentially independent of the worktops, meaning that a number of non-linear configurations can be specified and delivered. Both products are also available as single workstations or executive desks as well.

König+Neurath’s ‘SUMMA Conference’ is another large table, whose elegant, castor aluminium base can support different wooden worktops. Furthermore, it can fold in half, facilitating easy transport and storage. Rud Thygesen’s and Johnny Sørensen’s ‘2000-Serie’ for Magnus Olesen conference table system is more overt in its emphasis of separate, smaller-scale segments, and can be made wholly out of wood, highlighting its democratic, Scandinavian appeal.

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