Conference hall seating systems

Conference hall seating systems encompass a wide range of designs from abstract and sculptural, organic and plush to sober and practical. Their common trait is emphasis of comfort, functionality and application on a larger scale.

ACTIU’s ‘Audit’, designed by alegreindustrial™, is an angular, colourfully upholstered seat. mounted on a central steel support with a folding tray incorporated in one of its armrests. Dante Bonuccelli’s ‘Genya’ conference hall seating system for Lamm folds into a smooth, slanted panel, but comprises a seat with armrests and a folding table or a small screen at the back of the seat. ‘Kube’, designed for Matteograssi by EOOS, is similar, though here the slanted prism rests on steel fins, and the armrests incorporate a personal audio system.

Isao Hosoe’s ‘Dune’ conference hall seating system for ARFLEX is a composition of injection-moulded polyurethane seat, organically curved supporting elements and a cast iron base which create a comfortable, sculptural seat. Sergi and Oscar Devesa’s ‘Marlene’ for Forma 5 is visually lighter and supported by a polished aluminium fin. Ake Axelsson’s ‘Zen Auditorium’ conference hall seating system comprises a restrained, single seat on a metal foot, whose shape recalls midcentury design. A small, swing-out tray can be added to it as well. ‘RT System’ by FIGUERAS features an armchair standing on a robust base that allows the seat to swivel and lean back.

Designed by Politecnico di Milano, Lamm’s ‘Turner’ is a comprehensive conference hall seating system, incorporating desks, padded plywood seats and metal supports, perforated modesty panels and trays for books, notebooks and laptops. Giovanni Baccolini’s ‘Papillon’ for Ares Line is a delicate, upholstered seat which can be specified with a castor base and which folds for storage and transport. Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli deconstruct the ‘Ego 100’ conference hall seating system into its constituent elements, meaning it can be stacked to save space. Lastly, in Koleksiyon’s ‘Anitta’ conference hall seating system, Faruk Malhan mounts a tall, elegant, folding armchair on a steel strip base.

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