Computer desks

The computer desk is a relatively recent invention, offering a specialist solution to accommodate a personal computer. This often means a larger surface area to accommodate the monitor, cable management solutions, a pullout-tray for keyboard, and perhaps even a designated space for a printer.

Donato Bonanomi’s and Flavio Caronni’s ‘Helsinki Trolley’ for Desalto is a practical, compact, versatile workstation, which can function as a trolley in the kitchen or living room should it no longer perform as a computer desk. Aluminium and glass ‘Banco Light’ computer desk, designed by Raul Barbieri for Rexite, comes with a lower shelf for a printer, and an optional keyboard shelf. Ueli Biesenkamp’s ‘Unicomputertisch’ for Atelier Alinea is a composed of two long, narrower tabletops at different heights, the lower one offers a place for keyboard and writing, the higher shelf is for monitor and storage.

Stephan Veit’s ‘GAP Homeoffice’ for creation, is a medium sized cupboard which contains plenty of drawers, shelves and a folding computer desk in a very compact form. For those who don’t require as much space, André Schelbach’s ‘Magic Cube’ for Yomei is an even smaller cabinet.

Florian Asche’s ‘ROMANA’ computer desk for april allterior is a more minimal solution, but it does offer a small hatch for the cables, while Pedro Feduchi’s ‘Tray Home’ for Imasoto , a part of a customisable range of computer desks and accessories, can be used both as a small table or a desk, but also offers opportunities for extra cabinets to be placed on the side, and can be further equipped with woven cane panels to increase acoustic and visual privacy.

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