Cinema seating systems

Cinemas come in all shapes and sizes, from large-scale, ever-popular multiplexes which show the latest blockbusters to smaller arthouse affairs where audiences go to watch artistic, independent films. Although there is a tendency towards increasing standardisation, it is still possible to choose a cinema seating systems that will provide a comfortable viewing experience, as well as appropriate representation.

Take Afra and Tobia Scarpa’s ‘Teatro’ cinema seating system for Meritalia, a classic, refined design which can be arranged in an arc and compare it to EOOS-designed ‘Kube’ for Matteograssi, a series of floating, angular prisms that fold out into a row of cinema seats complete with armrests. Designed by algreindustrial™ and manufactured by ACTIU, the formally pared down ‘Audit’ cinema seating system combines the classic proportions and forms of the former with the angularity of the latter.

Lamm’s minimal, slanted ‘L213’ cinema seating system features an internal beech plywood construction and a large variety of finishes for real backrests and armrests including different types of plywood such as beech, oak or wengé or upholstery. ‘Mac’ cinema seating system by ARFLEX features a backrest that embraces the viewer. Lamm’s ‘C100’, designed by Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli, is a more austere design with an exposed, steel strip base and plywood armrests, although its folding seat is comfortably upholstered. The same duo also conceived the ‘Ego 1000’ for True Design, a more deconstructed design which can even be mounted on castors and stacker for storage.

Jouko Järvisalo’s ‘Opus’ for Mobel is an understated, stepped, multifunctional seating system with plywood shells that can be used in cinemas, but also concert and lecture halls. Lastly, FIGUERAS’s ‘9036 Megaseat’ cinema seating system features comfortable seats with armrests with in-built cup holders, whilst ‘13012 Smart RC Business’ by the same manufacturer is a luxurious and highly-sophisticated cinema seating system with adjustable backrests upholstered in leather.

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